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Our mission : helping restaurants owners move into the digital era while preserving their independence

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Our mission

With customers expectations becoming increasingly digital-driven, it became necessary to equip your restaurant with an online booking system solution. Keeping control over bookings and customer relationship is mandatory to avoid the kind of dependency hotels have developed towards online booking platforms which costs them up to 30% of their revenues in commissions. At Zenchef, our mission is to prevent restaurateurs from meeting this fate.

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About us

In 2010, as smartphone use spreads each day more widely, more and more restaurant customers started visiting the establishments websites from their phones beforehand. Customers reviews were spreading as digitalisation was becoming a major challenge for the restaurant industry. This statement gave our cofounders, 3 technology and restaurant aficionados, the desire to support chefs and restaurateurs with the digital transformation of their industry. In response, they created 1001menus now called Zenchef, a white-label solution 100% dedicated to chefs and restaurateurs.

Since then, more than 4000 restaurateurs including many Michelin-starred chefs and restaurant chains trust Zenchef. We are supported by prestigious investors to help us speed up our development, with the goal of becoming an international leader and the restaurateurs indispensable partner.

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We quickly felt passionate about this industry filled with genuine people and helping independent restaurateurs to regain direct control over their bookings has become an obvious objective. Today we take great pride and pleasure supporting them in their daily lives

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Paper notebook

6 reasons to get rid of the paper reservation book

  • No booking history and non usable customers data
  • Waste of time to confirm each booking
  • No seating plan automatically connected to optimise services management
  • Non usable information to plan your staff schedule and your purchases
  • Inability to know the dining room availability and to book a table when the restaurant is closed
  • Inability to prevent no-shows
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Zenchef : the restaurant's best ally

  • Live and commission-free bookings
  • No shared customer's data
  • Communication and booking tools that fit your restaurant's branding
  • Anti no-show tools and table turnover optimization
  • A team of the restaurant industry's passionate and a proactive human backing

The #Zenchefteam

Our team is made of hospitality jobs enthusiasts with a good sense of celebration, but nonetheless motivated and strongly determined to support this industry in its digital challenges.

Zen-morning Because a good monday morning = a good week, the #zenchefteam celebrates each week's beginning with a nice breakfast followed by a gathering to present every mission status for all different teams!
mondnesday To celebrate the end of the week's first day, the #ZenchefTeam gathers around drinks at Les Frangins, one of the neighbourhood bars and our team's favorite spot.
zen-dej The #ZenchefTeam is loaded with culinary talents! Therefore, we like to put their skills at the service of collectively prepared lunches at our Zenbar!
noon-games Because the #zenchefteam is particularly playful and loves entertainments, midday games are organised every tuesday. On the menu : Fifa, crosswords, Worms World ...
Zen-party Every three months, the whole #ZenchefTeam gathers to talk about results and quarterly objectives. It is not unusual for us to party afterwards!
Thomas Zeitoun
Co-Founder and Commercial Manager
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Team picture
Team picture
Heba Hitti
Communication Manager
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Team picture
Tony Chalencon
Strategic Project Manager
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A friendly team close to its customers, no unanswered calls or emails. All situations are solved within 12h or less.

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Le Mesturet restaurant in Paris
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