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Zenchef is always looking for talented restaurants or digital lovers, feel free to apply if you are one of them!

6 reseaons to join Zenchef

Each and every voice matters

We involve every member of our team in our strategic decisions and goals, so you will be able to speak your mind!

A passion for challenges

In an ever-changing restaurant industry, we must constantly adapt to the market players needs and intensify our creativity and innovation efforts.

A substantial accountability

You will be part of a service that became crucial to every restaurateur, and will contribute to shape the restaurant industry in its digital dimension.

An extraordinary team

Skills matter as much as attitude. You would join strong-minded, enthousiast, sociable people with a strong sens of fellowship.

Go outside your comfort zone!

Proove your value, and progression opportunities and growth will never cease!

A crazy atmosphere

We are striving for excellence but that doesn't keep us from being bon vivant! We never skip an occasion to gather for a drink or a copious feast we prepare ourselves!

Heba Hitti
Communication Manager
Heba Hitti
Communication Manager
Quote Heba Hitti Shape

From the moment you are working , prooving your value, get your tasks done, there are plenty of personal development opportunities whether it be transversal or vertical. I am living proof of that for i was able to create my own job..

Heba Hitti •
Communication Manager

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