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Connection between your reservations book and your restaurant phone line

Bookings taken by phone have never been so simple and quick to register in your booking system!

A video showing the connection between your booking system and your phone line

Offer your guests a customized experience

  • When a customer calls you, their contact information and booking history are instantly displayed on your Zenchef booking system : therefore, you immediately know who you are speaking to
  • Adapt your conversation regarding the calling guest thanks to the information displayed on your booking system (Regular guest, VIP...). Show your customers you know them using the saved information (allergy, favorite table...) you have on them
  • Take the necessary measures during or after the phone call in the eventuality Zencall informs you that the calling customer has been responsible for no-shows in the past
The information of the calling guest are displayed on your Zenchef platform Shape

Save 30 seconds for each booking made through the phone

  • Your customers details will automatically be added to your form when registering your guests bookings on the Zenchef book
  • Human mistake is greatly reduced because all of the information are already filled out and you only have a few form fields to fill in
  • Save some precious time, especially during shifts so you can invest it back into your guests
Automatically filled in information in the customer database Shape

Zencall is a magical tool thanks to an immediate alert letting me know about the coming of new or regular guests. I know how to handle them even before picking up the phone.There are regular guests with whom I like to joke with, so when their name comes up, I know how to deal with them.

Christophe Bonzi •
Le Mesclun restaurant
Portrait of Christophe Bonzi